Vulcan Published Material

This data product is made freely available to the public and the scientific community in the belief that its wide dissemination will lead to greater understanding and new scientific and policy insights. The availability of this data product does not constitute publication of the data product or permission to use the information contained in the data product for publication or any commercial use. If the data product is obtained for potential use in a publication or presentation, Dr. Kevin Gurney should be informed at the outset of the nature of this work. If this data product is essential to the work, or if an important result or conclusion depends on this data product, co-authorship may be appropriate. This should be discussed at an early stage in the work. Manuscripts using the data product should be sent to Kevin Gurney for review before manuscripts are submitted for publication so quality can be insured and limitations of the data product accurately represented. Every effort is made to produce the most accurate and precise results possible. However, Kevin Gurney reserves the right to make corrections to the data product at any time for reasons deemed scientifically justified. Kevin Gurney requests 1 month prior notification regarding public presentations of results or findings based on this data product.
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