The Gurney Lab Research Group

Previous Group Members

Former and essential collaborators.

Ryan Anderson

Masters student worked on urban climate policy - looking for a job - he is great, hire him!

Salvi Asefi-Najafabady

postdoctoral researcher - led our global vulcan effort

Xia Zhang

postdoctoral researcher - leading our inversion work

Igor Raslivanov


Daniel Mendoza

graduated with Ph.D. worked on national transportation emissions. Now postdoc at University of Utah

Kendra Castillo

graduated with Ph.D. worked on coupled biosphere - climate modeling, now Professor in Philippines

Vicky Liau

GIS graduate student

Advait Godbole

Yuyu Zhou

Postdoctoral researcher, now at the DOE, soon starting faculty position!

Alex Garden

Undergraduate researcher worked on global powerplant emissions

Semi Yildiz

GIS research tech worked on urban emissions


External Specialists

Folks outside our group that do crucial work with us.

Chris Miller

GIS librarian, formerly Purdue University

Nalin Sahni

Graduate Student, Civil Engineering, formerly Purdue University

Bedrich Benes

Associate Professor in Computer Graphics and Technology, Purdue University

Jason Lambert

Graduate Student, Computer Graphics and Technology, Purdue University

Simon Ilyushchenko

Google engineer, Google, Inc.

Michel Abdul-Massih

formerly Purdue University

Nathan Andrysco

computer visualization, formerly Purdue University

Broic Seib

systems engineer, formerly Purdue University

William Ansley

systems engineer

Susanna Remec

Media Development, YAM Productions